Respect for nature.

Taxidermy and misconceptions often go hand in hand. Here, we value the life of an animal just as much as the beautiful materials they provide us with after death. I only work with ethically sourced materials, meaning that no animals are killed for taxidermy purposes. All obtained materials are sourced from either traffic accidents, window collision, sickness or old age. From 2024 onwards, I do not accept animals that are sourced via hunting. Although I do understand the principle and motivation behind overpopulation control, I prefer to stick to animals that have a different cause of death.

Passion for animal behaviour.

Taxidermy is not just about death. In order to create a lifelike animal, a passion for studying living animals and their typical behaviour is needed. This is why I focused the last couple of years on obtaining my Master’s degree in Biology, with the specialization animal adaptation and development. Here, I got to study a variety of animals up close and learned a lot about their behaviour. This knowledge and experience is shown in my taxidermy work, displaying the animals in their most natural pose, capturing their natural behaviour for everyone to enjoy.

Creative mindset.

The importance of creativity in this field of work is high. Aside from making natural poses, I also focus on art projects and displaying the beauty of different animals from a creative perspective. A combination of color, material and composition will result in unique artworks that one can proudly present in their interior. Also here, respect for nature is one of the top priorities. Every creation will be made one time, and will be one of a kind.


Projects I have done

Rainbow lorikeets
Green-winged macaw
Red fox


passionate Hobby turned into a professional company since 2018

Always learning

working closely with living animals gives a lot of inspiration in the field!

Customer satisfaction

We are in this journey together. With good communication, we will make sure you take home an animal that you love to place in your living room!


Take a look at my latest work via my Instagram/Facebook profile or my behavioural biology background via my LinkedIn profile.

Who I am

Animal behaviour scientist that has developed a great passion for capturing typical behaviour and movement in taxidermy.

My Vision

Learning more about animals through taxidermy makes people understand the beauty in nature and the importance of conservation of species.

My Mission

With my work I aim to create an understanding of how important it is to have and maintain a large biodiversity on this planet. With taxidermy becoming more and more popular, the love for nature and animals grows with it.

“In the end we will conserve only what we love; we will love only what we understand; and we will understand only what we are taught.” (Baba Dioum, 1968.)


Feedback from customers

“Janneke has already made several animals for me. She knows how to place the animals in the most natural position. You can really see her love for nature translated back into her work.”


Returning customer

“Janneke is a very talented artist and a pleasure to communicate with. She makes beautiful lifelike and creative mounts with a lot of attention to quality and detail. Highly recommended!”

Jeroen Costes

Founder of The Skeleton Factory

“Under construction.”


Returning customer

“Under construction.”


Returning customer